Aquí nuestro patrimonio en manos de estos estudiantes de 2º ESO. El artista crea y ahí acaba su responsabilidad, porque lo creado pasa a ser patrimonio y, por lo tanto, es nuestra responsabilidad.

It is a palace inside a castle, and we have built it for one of the most important families of that time. A nobleman called Pedro let his horse to a King to run away from a fight against the Portuguese. When Pedro died, to express gratitude to his family, the King gave them the land called Manzanares el Real. It is called Manzanares el Real due to the number of apple trees in that land. 

We can realise that all around the castle there are a lot of large holes that were built to defend themselves and there they put the arrows to fight back. We can also see that each tower is crowned by a new one. 

Santillana’s RoomMaría P.

Here we can observe the Santillana`s room, named this way because in honor of the Marquis of Santillana, my husband. Sadly he can’t be here right now but I am here, the marquise of Santillana, to explain to you different facts. My beloved husband was born on 19 August 1398 in Carrión de Los Condes. We have four marvelous kids. They have been raised to be the successors on the throne. My beloved husband was also an extraordinary poet. We have achieved achievements. 

Now let’s start. We can see that in our room there is a large table covered with a red tablecloth. There are also ten chairs around it, made of wood, as the table itself. There is also a painting of Candelaria’s procession and two big bowls made of pottery.

Arcade courtyard – Leyre

I am Duchess Luna and I am going to present the weapons courtyard or, also called ‘Arcade courtyard’. This yard, the same as the gallery of this castle, is the work of Juan Guas. This space is provided by gothic galleries and it is divided into two floors. This room is the center of the castle and from here we can have access to the rest of the rooms. We can differentiate two different types of stone: chalk (for the rails) or granite (for the castle’s walls). In this yard, there are three different coats of arms: the Mendoza’s House (behind me), The Real House of Toledo, and the one of the Fernandez Velasco’s House. Over the three coats of arms, there is a crown with a griffin. The crown indicates the social level and the griffin indicates that it is the chosen animal for the Infantado, one of the most important titles in Spain and one of the most powerful ones. Both of these elements indicate the social and economic category of the House.

Infantado’s Room- María

We continue with the Infantado’s room. It is called this way because it is where the children used to play. It was their playroom. We can observe that there is a table. This copy is not the original. The original one is placed in the Real House of the Infantado. We also have different cabinet. They are drawers made of wood used to save jewelry and religious things. We also have Mendoza’s coat of arms, the owners of this Castle.

Juan Guas’ Gallery- Paula

Good Morning! I am Juan Guas, the founder of this gallery. I am one of the most important architects at this time, the Spanish Elizabethan Gothic. . The same as one friend of mine, the Santillana’s Marquis, I also have one and it is called Juan Guas’ Gallery. This gallery, created by myself, has pointed arches and it is named in the twentieth century with the name ‘Juan Guas’ Gallery’ about me. This gallery has got segmental arches and it is said that it is one of the most relevant galleries in Elizabethan Gothic architecture.

The Towers- Rebecca

Good morning! I present myself. I am Maricantina, a young shepherdess that fell totally in love with the Santillana’s Marquis, but it wasn’t a corresponding love. Since that moment, my soul wanders around all the corners in this Adarve. I am going to explain to you a little bit what the Adarve means. It is the hallway that surrounds the fortification. If you look there, we get to the Knights’ Towers, which are situated in all the different corners of the building. If we situate ourselves in the south gallery, we can see the possessions that the Mendoza family achieved at that time. Finally, also look at the landscape. From this placement, we can enjoy the views of the reservoir and, in general, Manzanares El Real village.

Castellated Adarve- Santiago

Good morning dear visitors! I present myself. I am the magnificent archer Don López Tirador. I will present to you the place where I spend most of my time with my dear fellow archers, the battlements. The battlements are where the archers are situated to provide high-security protection to our castle. If we pay attention, the towers are military architecture, but they have some Elizabethan elements that provide them with a unique prominence to our castle. The ‘Homenaje’ Tower is the biggest one. It heights 35 meters and it is the safest one. It is where the Marquis hides when someone decides to attack us. I sometimes think that Marquis is coy because he doesn’t have the courage to fight with us! But well, a Marquis is a Marquis. But do not tell anyone. If not, they will cut my tongue! The ‘Homenaje’ Tower is also used as a dungeon for the most important people.

‘Los Mendoza’ Castle- Mr Jesús de León

My subjects have shown you step by step all our rooms. We hope you liked it. At this time, the 15th-16th century, we have also passed through some plagues and some viruses. Right now, I want my subjects to go upstairs with me and take a great photo together.